Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Santorum Shocks Romney/GOP Establishment

When the dust settled in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado last night, the conservative grass roots had once again shocked the professional political class by making Senator Rick Santorum the winner in all three races. I was gratified by the results, of course, since I was one of the first leaders to endorse his then "long-shot" candidacy. It is considerably less of a long-shot this morning! I have been inundated with press calls today asking essentially "What happened?" and "What does it mean?" Here is my take.

1. Santorum is doing better than expected because he is right on all three major themes of conservatism -- economic, foreign policy and values. He wants smaller government and lower taxes. He believes America must have a strong national defense and be engaged in the world. He also knows our nation's decline is not just economic in nature, but also moral. Thus, he is not ashamed to make the case for the sanctity of life, normal marriage and freedom of religion.

2. Governor Mitt Romney has a huge problem with the GOP base. A significant portion of that base has been willing to go with anyone -- Bachmann, Perry, Cain or Newt -- to express their discontent about the candidate that the vast majority of GOP insiders desperately wants to see nominated. Each of those alternatives had flaws that undermined their staying power. It is now Rick Santorum's time, and I believe he has a good chance to be more resilient and go all the way.

3. The "electability" card has been dealt a serious blow. GOP insiders always equate electability with candidates who are seen as moderates and for whom values issues are not a high priority. But if that were true, we would be discussing the Dole and McCain presidencies -- neither of which happened, and Ronald Reagan would have lost. But it was Reagan, the strong conservative, who prevailed, while the squishy moderates were squashed by the Democrats and their media allies.

In his victory speech last night, Santorum told the crowd, "I don't stand before you as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. I stand before you as the conservative alternative to Barack Obama." Well said.

Mitt and Newt have both sunk in recent days because they are savaging each other instead of helping GOP voters see how they can defeat the worst, most extreme left-wing president in American history.

I will close with the same point I have made for months. I have endorsed Senator Santorum and I am glad I did. He can win. But no matter who gets the nomination, we must close ranks and end the Obama nightmare or much of what we cherish will be gone!

Radicals To Occupy CPAC

Once again the radical left is showing its disdain for free speech by trying to intimidate and silence its political opponents. The Occupy Wall Street movement and its Big Labor allies are plotting to disrupt this week's CPAC conference, promising to make it "a conference the attendees will never forget."

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is one of the largest annual gatherings of conservative activists and policy makers in the country. Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich will be there. Sarah Palin is delivering the keynote address this year. Here's how the Occupy DC website describes this conference:

"…this event is another gathering of bigots, media mouthpieces, corrupt politicians, and their 1 percent elite puppet masters. CPAC will parade and attempt to perpetuate the radical right wing’s imperialist ideologies with keynote speakers, movies and banquets dedicated to pursuing its racist, sexist, patriarchal and exploitative agenda.

"Spectacles will include imperialist topics such as 'From Fidel to Chavez: How Do We Stop the Resurgence of Socialism in Latin America?', 'Is the Arab Spring Good or Bad for America?' and frequent bloviation on 'American exceptionalism.' Openly racist discourses will be given on 'The Failure of Multiculturalism...'"

Bigots. Corrupt. Imperialist. Racist. Sexist. Exploitative. That is what the left thinks about you! And yet the media blames us for the breakdown in public discourse. And did you catch the disdain for the idea of American exceptionalism? The left doesn't believe that America is or was ever a "shining city upon a hill." It thinks we are the evil empire.

I hope the CPAC organizers, hotel staff and Washington, D.C., police are prepared for these thugs. Late last year, hundreds of occupiers stormed a conservative event at the Washington convention center. They disrupted traffic, assaulted elderly women and used their own children as human shields. These radicals are violent. They have no respect for the rule of law or their fellow citizens.

Iran Preparing A Second Holocaust

More than 70 years ago, the world made a tragic mistake and tens of millions died as a result. World leaders at the time largely ignored the growing scourge of anti-Semitism and naively assumed they could negotiate with a madman. Desperate for peace in their time, they traded a country for a meaningless "scrap of paper" and got a world war and the Holocaust instead of peace. Today, as Barack Obama attempts to negotiate with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Islamic Republic is promising a second Holocaust.

In a speech broadcast last week on state-run TV, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei referred to Israel as a "cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut." Khamenei also bragged about Iran's support for Hezbollah and promised to support "any nation or any group [that] confronts the Zionist regime… We have no fear expressing this."

At the same time Khamenei was delivering his anti-Semitic diatribe, an article was published by Alireza Forghani, the former governor of Iran's Kish Province, outlining the religious justifications as well as practicality of annihilating Israel. It could have been easily dismissed except for the fact that it was widely distributed by news agencies close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is controlled by Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. In other words, the content calling for genocide likely has the ayatollah's seal of approval.

And just as disturbing is the level of detail in the article. Consider this excerpt:

"Residents of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and H[a]ifa can be targeted even by Shah[a]b 3 [missiles]. Population density in these three adjacent areas composes about 60% of [the total] Israeli population. Sejjil missiles can target power plants, sewage treatment facilities, energy resources, [and] transportation and [communication] infrastructures; and in the second stage, Shahab 3, Ghadr, and Ashura missiles can target urban settlements until [the] final annihilation of Israel['s] people."

While the West dithers, Iran is preparing for war and brainwashing its people to accept genocide, just as Hitler did in the 1930s. And never forget that the ultimate goal of the radical Islamists is not the annihilation of Israel, but the destruction of the "Great Satan" -- America.

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