Wednesday, August 16, 2017 -- Jew Hatred Is Evil, Denouncing David Duke, Iceland's Nazi Problem

Jew Hatred Is Evil

Many vile and hateful things were said and done in Charlottesville over the weekend. This morning, a good friend brought to my attention a video that I had not previously seen capturing some of that vileness.

A group of marchers in Charlottesville were chanting, "You will not replace us." That chant quickly morphed into, "Jews will not replace us."

Any decent person within earshot of that raw anti-Semitic chant should have left the protest immediately. This was an ancient evil slithering out from the swamp of hate again. All decent people should recoil at the sound of those words.

Wherever Jew hatred raises its ugly head, men and women of goodwill must denounce it and excise it from the body politic. As conservatives, we must take the lead in ostracizing anyone who tries to hijack our cause of ordered liberty under God -- the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus.

Sadly, raw anti-Semitism seems to be growing throughout our country. Some of it springs from radical Islamists. Last month, an imam preaching at the Islamic Center of Davis, California, led his congregation in a prayer that Allah would "count" the Jews and "annihilate them" one by one.

I was surprised and saddened when this call for another Holocaust made very little national news. Anti-Semitism is rampant throughout the Middle East. We need to be very careful that we are not importing more anti-Semites into our country.

In my work with Christians United For Israel (CUFI), we have documented the growing anti-Semitism on America's university campuses. The worst offenders are often left-wing professors. In addition, alliances between Muslim and far-left student groups at many schools have led to harassment and outright violence against Jewish students. Academia, as you know, is dominated by the left.

At the United Nations, we have seen the ancient evil all dressed up in $5,000 suits worn by diplomats representing authoritarian regimes that routinely condemn Israel while the U.N. continues to subsidize Palestinian extremism.

Whether it is a skinhead, a PhD professor, an imam or Linda Sarsour, anti-Semitism is evil and must be denounced.

Denouncing David Duke

David Duke is like a zombie from a bad horror movie. Just when you think he's gone for good, just when you think you're finally rid of him, he comes back more vicious than ever. Once again, the former KKK leader has reared his ugly head.

Duke is basking in the headlines created from the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Just as he has done his entire life, he is again feeding off the pain of others, pain which he eagerly inflicts with his hateful rhetoric.

While there are many questions surrounding the sequence of events in Charlottesville -- who was there, what their motives were, who started the violence -- here's some free advice: If David Duke shows up to an event, decent people should leave immediately.

Duke is a racist. He is a white supremacist. He is also a raving anti-Semite. His views have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity or conservatism. I am disgusted that David Duke is getting so much media attention right now.

But Duke had been out of the headlines for some time. And one reason you don't hear about him regularly is that he often travels overseas and speaks to sympathetic audiences, especially in the Middle East.

During a speech in Syria, Duke praised dictator Bashar al-Assad and said that parts of America were "occupied by Zionists." He has spoken at Holocaust-denying conferences in Iran, and is a frequent guest on Iranian media outlets.

Again, there is a reason Duke focuses so much of his time on the Middle East. The rantings of Adolf Hitler remain popular there, and this American fascist enjoys hanging out with Islamofascists.

A Warning

Various groups involved in the Charlottesville protests are planning other events around the country in coming weeks. Ostensibly, the cause is the preservation of historical monuments.

Whatever one thinks about such landmarks, it is important as Christians and conservatives that we do not make common cause with groups that are pursuing agendas of hate.

I would strongly urge anyone thinking about going to one of these demonstrations to stay away, especially given the risk that you will find yourself in the company of people who reject our most deeply held values.

Iceland's Nazi Problem

Yes, you read that correctly. Iceland has a Nazi problem.

Representatives of Iceland's government bragged in recent days that they have effectively ended Down syndrome. They have done no such thing. What they did do is murder virtually all the babies with Down syndrome while they were still in their mothers' wombs.

One medical professional in Iceland said, "We don't look at abortion as a murder. We look at it as a thing that we ended. . . And I think that is more right than seeing it as a murder -- that's so black and white. Life isn't black and white. Life is grey."

This mindset isn't very different from how Hitler began his program to purify the German people. He herded those with diseases and disabilities to camps to be euthanized with "mercy deaths." The Nazis determined that some lives were more valuable than others.

Life isn't "grey." Life is sacred!

Kudos to actress Patricia Heaton. Reacting to this report, she tweeted, "Iceland isn't actually eliminating Down Syndrome. They're just killing everybody that has it. Big difference."

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