Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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From: Gary L. Bauer


Is There A Conservative Alternative

Despite the media's narrative, the GOP has never been a monolithic body. There has always been a conservative/establishment divide. Goldwater vs. Rockefeller. Reagan vs. Ford. But among grassroots activists, there is a gnawing fear that there may not be an electable conservative candidate in this election.

Herman Cain was rapidly becoming that candidate, but now sexual harassment allegations are threatening to torpedo his candidacy. Conservatives are not yet abandoning Cain at the grass roots but some very good conservative leaders are now demanding he put this issue to rest so we can focus on the most important goal -- defeating Barack Obama.

  • Bill Bennett said, "For we who led the charge against Bill Clinton on a number of related issues to continue to blame the media or other campaigns or say it simply doesn't matter makes us the hypocrites as well."
  • Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, said, "Mr. Cain needs to address these new allegations head on. Unlike anonymous allegations, Ms. Bialek appeared credible and I was very disturbed by her characterization of what happened. Whoever Republican primary voters choose as president should be a man or woman of good moral character. We said when Bill Clinton was president that character counts and we still believe that."
  • Bob Vander Plaats, a key conservative leader in Iowa, said, "This is a 'tipping point' for the viability of his campaign."

Polling suggests Cain's favorability rating is starting to take a hit. For example, in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Cain's negatives doubled from 18% to 35%. In head-to-head match ups, Obama narrowly beats Mitt Romney, but he trounces Herman Cain by 15 points.

On a late-night comedy show last night, Herman Cain categorically denied the allegations made against him yesterday against by Sharon Bialek. Cain said, "There is not an ounce of truth to all these allegations," and he called Bialek's claims "totally fabricated." He went on to say, "I'm going to talk about it. We are taking this head on." Cain has scheduled a press conference today at 5:00 PM ET to "set the record straight."

If Herman Cain hopes to continue as the conservative alternative in this campaign, this may be the most important press conference of his career. I pray he will have the strength and wisdom to deal with the controversy.

Obama Disses Netanyahu Again

If you had any questions about where Barack Obama really stands on Israel, his recent comments caught on an open mic should settle it for you.

At the G20 summit in Cannes, France, last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said to Obama, "I cannot bear [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu, he's a liar." Rather than defend our ally, Obama responded, "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

It's clear that Barack Obama has no respect for Benjamin Netanyahu. On his early trips to Washington, Obama denied the Israeli leader common courtesies afforded to other national leaders. Obama has refused to have his picture taken with Netanyahu, forced him to leave the White House from a side door and blindsided him with surprise announcements like calling for Israel to retreat to its indefensible 1967 borders. Unlike some U.S. politicians, Netanyahu has not been cowed into submission by Obama's bullying.

The mullahs in Tehran must be laughing at us. Just days before the world was set to receive an update on Iran's nuclear weapons program, Obama was unable to overcome his own pettiness and stand firmly with our ally as it faces a growing existential threat. Commenting on Obama's remark, Reuters noted, "The technical gaffe is likely to cause great embarrassment to all three leaders as they look to work together to intensify international pressure on Iran over its nuclear ambitions."

Learning From The Chinese

At various times in his presidency, Barack Obama has paid homage to the Chinese -- from suggesting we follow their example on clean energy subsidies to whining about how much easier it is for Chinese President Hu Jintao to run his country. Since he has such an "affinity for China" I wonder what his reaction is to Jin Liqun, the chairman of China's sovereign wealth fund, who, when asked whether China would bailout Greece and Europe, said this:

"If you look at the troubles which happened in European countries, this is purely because of the accumulated troubles of the worn out welfare society. I think the labor laws are outdated. The labor laws induce sloth, indolence, rather than hardworking. The incentive system is totally out of whack.

"Why should, for instance, within [the] eurozone some member's people have to work to 65, even longer, whereas in some other countries they are happily retiring at 55, languishing on the beach? This is unfair. The welfare system is good for any society to reduce the gap, to help those who happen to have disadvantages, to enjoy a good life, but a welfare society should not induce people not to work hard."

I am almost speechless. It seems one of China's communist leaders understands the capitalist system better than Barack Obama, who is praising the Occupy Wall Street mob as he leads us down the same dead-end road of big government socialism that is now threatening to bankrupt Europe!

More OWS Extremism

Every day it seems we get more examples of extremism within the Occupy Wall Street movement. The latest comes from store owners and street vendors who say the thugs are getting violent and threatening them if they don't give them free food.

Today's New York Post quotes the owner of a sandwich shop across from Zuccotti Park saying, "I've been told to 'Watch your back!' 10 times." OWS protestors have been regularly using her bathroom to bathe. But two weeks ago, they broke a sink and clogged a toilet, causing a flood and $3,000 of damage. Other protestors have come in and unplugged an ATM machine and the shop's computers.

Meanwhile, on the Left Coast, two street vendors in San Diego had to shut down their businesses after occupiers trashed their carts when they stopped providing free food. One of the carts reportedly had "urine and blood splattered on it."

Where have we seen this before? In the aftermath of Proposition 8 in California, when the majority of voters decided to preserve normal marriage in the Golden State, the intolerant left trashed churches and tried to shut down businesses. For all its rhetoric about equality and justice, the left has a skewed sense of fairness and is quick to resort to violence.

Media Notice

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