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The Media’s Double Standard

In an interview this morning, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos posed a question to Michele Bachmann which to some conservatives sounded like a veiled threat. At the end of his interview with her, Stephanopoulos asked:

“One final question. I think one of the most impressive things that people find in your background is the fact that you and your husband have helped raise 23 foster children and I know you want to shield them. But are they prepared and are you prepared for the loss of privacy that comes with the presidential campaign? And is that something you are concerned about for them?”

Contrast that question by Stephanopoulos with this statement by Michelle Obama, who was recently asked by a CNN reporter if her family was ready for the “vicious” campaign:

“You know … we’re ready… Our children, you know, could care less [sic] about what we’re doing. …Fortunately we have help from the media. I have to say this: I’m very grateful for the support and kindness that we’ve gotten.”

Why should Michelle Obama be worried? Her last name is not Palin; she’s not conservative. The media are protecting the Obamas. Michelle is “very grateful” for the “help from the media.” But the same media leftists who desperately tried to dismiss Jeremiah Wright, and who eagerly tore through tens of thousands of old Palin emails, are now scrutinizing Michele Bachmann’s foster children. Big Media’s double standard is disgusting.

That is why it is so important for folks like you to share this report with friends and family members. Big Media will be in the tank for Obama. It will be up to you to provide a balanced perspective and the facts the media won’t bring up.

Liberal Intolerance

The left is constantly demanding tolerance from conservatives. The irony is that the left has little tolerance for conservatives. Case in point: Last night, while taking his family to an outdoor movie, Glenn Beck was accosted by “tolerant” leftists. At one point, a man yelled out, “We hate conservatives here.” You can watch Beck talk about the experience here.

Here’s something else to consider. Liberals often claim that legalizing “gay marriage” won’t affect anyone else. Really? Tell that to Dr. Frank Turek, who lost his job at Cisco over his belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. By the way, Turek never raised the issue while on the job, but that didn’t matter.

Religious liberty and homosexual rights are on a collision course, and the left has no tolerance for traditional values. In fact, one legal expert has warned that “religious rights … are likely to be ‘obliterated’” by left-wing judges.

This is why your support for our work is so important. Please stand with us today as we work to elect conservative candidates who unapologetically defend faith, family and freedom!

A Lawless Administration

A big USA Today story is certain to get your blood boiling. According to research conducted at Syracuse University, the Obama Administration, which has dramatically increased government spending, is prosecuting 20% fewer fraud cases against people ripping off welfare, food stamps and other programs.

Why is this important? As USA Today notes, “The drop in prosecutions comes as a lackluster economy has swelled the size of government benefits programs. …Auditors say the risk of fraud has grown along with the size of those programs.” This finding comes on the heels of a Government Accountability Office report warning that Uncle Sam doled out $125 billion in “improper payments” last year alone! But the Obama Administration seems to be turning a blind eye to waste, fraud and abuse.

And while the so-called Justice Department is ignoring fraud, the IRS is reportedly stepping up taxpayer audits. In other words, those who are cheating the system are less likely to face prosecution, while those who are paying for Big Government are more likely to face government harassment.

But that’s not all. The Houston Chronicle reports that administration officials at the Department of Homeland Security are actively engaged in a “back-door amnesty” effort by systematically dismissing immigration cases. The Chronicle reports, “Nationally, the number of dismissed cases increased about 40 percent during the 2010 fiscal year.” We reported on this growing controversy last year.

The Administration was quick to deny the charges, but the evidence is very clear. One Immigration and Customs Enforcement union president is even accusing the Administration of a “cover-up.” Tre Rebstock, who represents rank-and-file ICE agents, said, “They did it. And then they lied.”

And it is still going on. Left-wing media are celebrating a move by the Obama Administration to “use its executive authority to shape immigration policy.” Just this month, ICE director John Morton urged prosecutors to use wide discretion in deportation cases. In other words, ignore Congress and ignore the law.

This is not an isolated incident, but rather part of a disturbing pattern of behavior. The voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers was dismissed. When Congress failed to pass cap and trade legislation, Obama’s EPA stepped in with onerous regulations. When ObamaCare started to create headaches, the administration started to issue waivers, even though Congress never gave it the authority to do so.

As we prepare to celebrate July 4th, let’s hope more Americans rediscover the passion our Founding Fathers had for freedom, and why they risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to create a nation founded on the rule of law and the belief that our rights come from God, not government.

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