Tuesday, December 20, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Will Iowa Matter -- Part II?

I asked that question yesterday after new polling data indicated that Ron Paul had taken the lead in the Iowa caucuses. Today Politico takes up the issue. Veteran activists are warning that a Paul victory could be a "mortal" threat to Iowa's first in the nation status.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad admits that if Paul finishes first, "People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third." Worse, others fear that Paul will run as a third party candidate if he loses the nomination. He's done it before. Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a stalwart conservative champion, warned, "If we empower somebody who turns around and elects Obama, then that's a major problem for the caucuses."

Now It's Paul's Turn

Now that he has taken the lead in the Iowa polling, Paul is starting to experience the same kind of scrutiny that has torpedoed previous front-runners. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are making the effort to demonstrate just how far out of the mainstream Paul is on many issues.

For example, the latest edition of The Weekly Standard examines Paul's relationship with several newsletters published under Paul's name when he was out of Congress during the late 80s and early 90s.

While Paul has denied writing the articles, they were filled with anti-Semitic and racial bigotry, were written in the first person, contained no bylines and published under such names as "Ron Paul's Freedom Report" or the "Ron Paul Political Report." Readers were clearly left with the impression that Paul himself had in written the columns.

Even if you take Paul at his word and grant that he did not write the columns, there is still the issue of his frequent appearances on conspiracy-oriented talk shows, including some with hosts who promote the obscenity that George W. Bush and/or the Israeli Mossad attacked America on 9/11.

Here's one last point to consider. I've noticed that many people, including those on the far-left, are rallying to Paul as the "anti-war candidate." I could not disagree more.

Paul's foreign policy would have countless dictators and tyrants salivating as America retreated. Like pacifist appeasers of past generations, Paul's policies would guarantee a war -- and one we would likely lose after he lost all of our allies.

"Hi, I'm From The Government, And I'm Here To Help"

Ronald Reagan once described that phrase as "the ten most dangerous words in the English language." We got another example of why that is true this morning when AT&T abandoned its plans to buyout T-Mobile.

Barack Obama has made a big deal about expanding broadband access to more Americans. He wants the government to do it with billions of your hard-earned tax dollars. Not surprisingly, it will take years to accomplish too.

The AT&T/T-Mobile deal would have allowed private enterprise to fill much of that gap more quickly. AT&T had pledged to bring thousands of jobs back to America. T-Mobile is struggling to compete and survive. But AT&T pulled the plug on the deal today after facing one government roadblock after another, from the Obama Justice Department to the Federal Communications Commission.

Every administration has a legacy. JFK stared down the Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ronald Reagan helped end the "evil empire." The epitaph of this administration is still being written, but it could well be known as the most anti-business administration in generations.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd may be happy with Obama's anti-business record and rhetoric, but they are hurting many working families. For example, as this administration has done its best to restrict domestic energy production, it comes as no surprise that gas prices are setting new record highs and consuming more and more of family budgets.

A Brother Goes Home

On Saturday morning, as Carol and I rose early to a day of last-minute Christmas preparations, we received heart-breaking news. Carol's only brother, Bill Hoke of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, had suffered a massive heart attack and had gone home to be with the Lord. Bill is survived by his wife, Shirley, and two wonderful daughters, Jennifer and Christine, his mother, Jean Hoke, and another sister, Marian.

We are all heartbroken at the loss of this good man. His passing is a reminder that our time here is fleeting. While we mourn his departure from us, we take comfort knowing that Bill has gone to "Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem," where a place has been prepared for him.

In this busy season, I would be greatly gratified if you would take a few moments to cover Bill's family and mine in prayer. Thank you.

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