Thursday, November 17, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Race For the GOP Nomination

Yesterday's Fox News poll featured a new front-runner for the GOP nomination. At 23% Newt Gingrich was one point ahead of Mitt Romney (22%) and eight points ahead of Herman Cain (15%). Gingrich and Romney are essentially tied. But that is the second poll this week with Newt in first place.

And the latest Rasmussen poll of likely Iowa caucus goers finds a huge swing. Last month, it was Cain (28%), Romney (21%), Paul (10%) and Gingrich (9%). Today, Gingrich leads with 32%, followed by Romney (19%), Cain (13%) and Paul (10%).

The trend is clear -- Newt is rising; Cain is falling; Romney is flat-lining. According to the average, Romney leads with 21.2% -- exactly where he was one year ago. Gingrich is at 20.2% -- up from 9.3% on the first of this month. Cain is at 19.3% -- down from 25% on November 1st.

The big question is whether Gingrich can sustain the momentum. Or will he become another victim of the Obama/media attack machine. It's no secret that his candidacy comes with a considerable history that Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod could exploit.

As the liberal media and his opponents comb through Gingrich's long record, it remains to be seen if his support can sustain the coming scrutiny. The one advantage Gingrich has going for him is that his personal issues are relatively well-known and may not come as a surprise to many voters.

OWS On The March

The Occupiers left Zuccotti Park today and began marching on Wall Street with hopes of shutting down the New York Stock Exchange. OWS organizers had hoped that 10,000 people would turn out for today's protests, but reports indicate that perhaps 1,000 showed up.

According to Fox News, the New York Police Department had to establish a "checkpoint" for stock exchange employees. Hundreds of OWS demonstrators "heckled the arriving workers with chants of, 'Shame! Shame! Shame!' and 'Shut it down!'" Is that what these people want -- do they really want to shut down wealth creation in America? Sadly, most of them probably do, and yet they have no clue what to do next or how to create a functioning economy.

Wall Street hasn't had many heroes lately, but two men in suits walked through the protestors today with signs reading "Get A Job" and "Occupy A Desk." Good for them! Speaking on the Bloomberg financial network yesterday, Rep. Peter King (R-NY) ripped into the Occupy movement. Here's an excerpt of his remarks:

"First of all, you try to listen to them and they make almost no sense. These are people who were living in dirt, these were people who are involved in drugs, there was violence, there was rape… I think the media has made a terrible mistake in somehow romanticizing [the movement] and giving these people credibility. I mean, what is their position? They're mad because people are making money, or are they mad that there's no jobs in this country? All of us believe that, we're trying to find a way to [fix] it. You don't do it by living in dirt, you don't do it by carrying out rapes, you don't do it by yelling out anti-American slogans. …

"They say they're frustrated -- life is full of frustrations, you know. They should go see a psychiatrist if they're that frustrated. Let's talk about concrete proposals. ... They're angry people who are losers who are on the outside and screaming. If they want to get involved, go into the system, get involved with concrete proposals. How do they achieve anything by living in dirt for two months? …They were proud do to that. What does that mean? What message is that sending?"

One of the people Rep. King was likely referring to is Nkrumah Tinsley. Police arrested Tinsely last night after he was videotaped saying, "In a few days they're going to see what a Molotov cocktail can do to Macy's."

In contrast to Peter King, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) is standing by the radicals. When confronted about the prevalence of violence and crime within the OWS movement, Waters shrugged and said, "That's life and it happens, whether it's with protesters or other efforts that go on in this country. So I'm not deterred in my support for them because of these negative kinds of things."

Really, Ms. Waters? How many rapes occurred at the Tea Party rallies? How many drug overdoses, murders and thefts were there?

Meanwhile, here in Washington, the Occupy DC gang is on the march today and planning to link up with a group from northern Virginia when both groups converge on the Key Bridge. Why is the bridge relevant? Aside from making the evening rush hour an even more horrifying experience for folks who actually work for a living, the occupation of the bridge is part of a scheme by the AFL-CIO to draw attention to Obama's so-called "jobs bill" by highlighting infrastructure needs. (This is happening in cities all over the country today.) So now the movement is being co-opted by Big Labor and used to parrot Democrat talking points.

I know most of you reading these reports "get it." You understand what is at stake. But many of your friends and family members may not. Please share these reports with them. Point out the violence that is so prevalent in OWS and absent in the Tea Party. Tell them about the Democrat pollster who warned that one-third of the Occupiers would support violence to achieve their political agenda. America is at a tipping point. This is a time for choosing.

Obama's Record Debt

If you need one more reason to get politically active over the next year, consider Obama's record debt. That will give you 15 trillion reasons to redouble your efforts!

The Treasury Department reported this week that for the first time ever, the federal debt exceeds $15 trillion dollars. According to CNSNews the precise figure as of close of business Tuesday was $15,033,607,255,920.32. That's more than $160,000 per private sector worker and nearly $200,000 per family.

Let me repeat: America cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama. We must stop Obama's socialism!


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