Thursday, November 10, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


53 Seconds

Did Rick Perry's campaign end last night? Every talking head right and left seems to think so. It was painful to watch Governor Perry struggle and eventually fail to come up with the name of the third government bureaucracy he would eliminate if elected president.

I feel no need to pile on the governor who regularly recites the correct agencies -- Commerce, Education and Energy -- many times every day in his stump speech. Instead, I want to remind you that as bad as those 53 seconds of Perry's "brain freeze" were to watch, virtually any 53 seconds in an Obama, Biden or Pelosi speech are worse!

They are, unfortunately, never at a loss for words. It is the words they find that are the problem -- words that stir class warfare, words that promote socialism, words of apology for America's imaginary sins, words promoting higher taxes, words advocating more debt, words insisting that innocent unborn children be destroyed in the name of choice, words undermining normal marriage, words demonizing Americans who believe in faith, family and freedom. Give me Perry any day!

Winners And Losers

Perry made his task harder, obviously. Cain did well in view of the turmoil of the last nine days. Romney looked presidential. Santorum and Bachmann did fine. Ron Paul was okay, particularly since the subject was the one area where he isn't a kook -- economics and debt. Huntsman scored no breakthrough.

In my humble view, the clear winner was Newt Gingrich. A Gingrich/Obama debate would be a sight to behold!

Democrat Obstruction Prevents Deal

My friends, I again want to address the offer that Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) made to Democrats on the deficit reduction super committee. Barack Obama is basing his reelection strategy on running against a "do-nothing" Congress, and blaming Republicans for blocking his agenda in order to hurt the economy.

As usual, Obama has it exactly backwards -- blocking his agenda right now is helping the economy by preventing further harm. That is precisely why voters sent more conservatives to Congress in the 2010 elections!

But the media are dutifully parroting the liberal line, desperately trying to convince voters that Republicans in Congress are responsible for the gridlock and inaction that has stalled job growth. In reality, it is Democrat obstructionism that is causing the gridlock.

Remember the debt limit fiasco? Speaker Boehner did all he could to reach a deal, only to have Obama make unreasonable counteroffers. Eventually Boehner walked away, complaining that dealing with Obama was like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Obama never wanted a deal.

As I have recently reported, House Republicans have passed numerous pieces of pro-growth jobs bills, but Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid refuses to allow a vote on any of them. Why? Because he fears they might pass, and that would undermine Obama's strategy and the media's narrative.

As the deadline approaches for the super committee to reach a deal, Democrats are again refusing to negotiate in good faith. Even when Republicans compromise by agreeing to put revenues on the table, Democrats still say no.

Consider this excerpt from today's Wall Street Journal:

"Despite the modest spending cuts, the deal Mr. Toomey describes would be a big political win for all concerned. It would give the economy a major lift by taking the tax increase now scheduled for 2013 off the table… the offer is far better for Democrats than the $3 to $1 ratio that President Obama's own Simpson-Bowles deficit commission recommended. Mr. Toomey says Democrats nonetheless rejected this offer on Tuesday night… Democrats are insisting on at least $1 trillion in new revenues while refusing to allow any reduction in tax rates or to stop the tax increase that will hit in 2013."

Remember this the next time you hear someone complain about Republican obstructionism. Republicans have offered Democrats a better deal than Obama's own debt reduction commission, and they rejected it. They want $1 trillion in higher taxes now AND they want even more later by letting the Bush tax cuts expire in 2013! As the Journal rhetorically asks, "So who are the real 'ideologues' here?"

The Divided States Of America

In my most recent Human Events column I wrote about how the breakdown of values has led to a nation of bystanders who do little when confronted with heinous crimes and behaviors. Sadly, we saw it again this week in the Penn State scandal and the humiliating end of a coaching legend's career.

When informed about pedophilia in his locker room, Joe Paterno failed to make the right call and instead stood silently on the sidelines. Last night nearly a thousand college students went on a rampage at Penn State. Unbelievably, their outrage was not a response to the disgusting abuse of children and subsequent cover up, but JoePa's well-deserved dismissal! This whole episode speaks volumes about our virtue deficit.

America is increasingly divided, but it's not just the 99% versus the 1%. Of course jobs are important, but values matter too. Our culture wars represent a growing "God-gap" in America between those who regularly attend religious services and respect traditional values and those who do not; between those who believe in absolute values of right and wrong and those whose ultimate values are "tolerance" and moral relativism.

Barack Obama burst onto the national scene when he delivered a speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in which he said, "We worship an awesome God in the blue states." Yes, God's love knows no state boundaries. But increasingly the national Democrat Party is becoming the home of secularists who worship big government while people of faith drift to the GOP.

A recent Gallup survey found that those who attend religious services regularly are more likely to be Republicans. Conversely, those who never or infrequently attend religious services are more likely to identify as Democrats.

According to the survey, 61% of Republicans regularly attend worship services, where as 52% of Democrats rarely or never attend. But among adults nationally, 53% attend religious services regularly, while 46% rarely or never attend.

What is the lesson here? It shows just how narrowly divided the country is today and the struggle we face to defend our values in an increasingly secular society. It also reinforces the urgent need for men and women of faith to get off the sidelines and get involved in the fight for faith, family and freedom!

We have one year before the 2012 elections, one year to take our country back so we can stop Obama's socialism. In the coming days, I'll write about our plans and ask for your help so we can once again make America a "shining city upon a hill."

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