Thursday, January 5, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Media Maelstrom

The past 24 hours have been unbelievable. Recently I joined Dr. Jim Dobson, Don Wildmon and others in calling for a private meeting of conservative leaders in a couple of weeks to discuss and evaluate the political landscape and how we can best advance our pro-family, pro-life values. Unfortunately, someone invited to that meeting had their own agenda and leaked to liberal reports in Washington that the meeting was about "stopping" one candidate or another in the Republican primaries.

The media love a story about Republicans fighting Republicans. And so as soon as that story broke, the phones started ringing off the hook -- ABC, the New York Times, Politico, USA Today, the Associated Press, etc. My message to every reporter was the same: There is one man I am interested in stopping, and his name is Barack Hussein Obama!

All of the candidates have flaws.  But I believe virtually any of them would be head and shoulders above the socialist we currently have in the White House, who daily is engaged in questionable extra-legal, extra-constitutional actions that undermine our values and economy. (See next item.)

By the way, I would feel a lot better if all of the GOP candidates were spending less time trying to blow each other up and aiming more of their rhetorical fire at the disastrous administration that is currently in power. For example, I fear that so many millions of dollars of negative advertising ran in Iowa of Republicans attacking Republicans that our chances of carrying that state in November have been seriously diminished.

We will continue to do our best to bring conservatives together and keep everyone's eye on the prize: Ending the current nightmare in Washington and sending Obama packing in 306 days!

The Cordray Controversy

Barack Obama has done it again. Yesterday the president announced four "recess appointments." First, he appointed Richard Cordray as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Then Obama appointed three new members of the National Labor Relations Board. These appointments are extremely controversial and guaranteed to further poison the atmosphere in Washington.

Senate Republicans have been blocking these appointments for various legitimate public policy reasons. But rather than work with Republicans to address the important issues at stake, Obama simply decided to score cheap political points with his left-wing base.

Presidents have the power to make recess appointments when Congress is in recess. There's only one problem -- Congress isn't in recess! As the Wall Street Journal notes:

"Section 5 of Article 1 of the Constitution says that 'Neither House' of Congress can adjourn for more than three days 'without the Consent of the other' house. In this case, the House of Representatives had not formally consented to Senate adjournment. It's true the House did this to block the president from making recess appointments, but it is following the Constitution in doing so." [Emphasis added.]

The Journal also notes that Democrats deployed this same tactic during George W. Bush's last two years in order to prevent him from making recess appointments. But now Obama has taken it upon himself to decide when Congress is in session and when it isn't. Based upon Obama's logic, there is nothing to stop him from making recess appointments every weekend!

In response, the Chamber of Commerce and other business groups are promising to take the administration to court. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell blasted Obama for "arrogantly circumventing" the confirmation process. Speaker John Boehner also issued the following statement:

"This is an extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab by President Obama that defies centuries of practice and the legal advice of his own Justice Department.  The precedent that would be set by this cavalier action would have a devastating effect on the checks and balances that are enshrined in our constitution.  …It's clear the President would rather trample our system of separation of powers than work with Republicans to move the country forward.  This action goes beyond the President's authority, and I expect the courts will find the appointment to be illegitimate."

Obama has created a constitutional crisis between two co-equal branches of government. He has bent the rules and broken long-standing traditions in order to get whatever he wants. It fits a consistent pattern of stretching, and in some cases breaking, the regular rules and procedures of government. These appointments are more examples of Chicago-style brass-knuckle politics -- not exactly "change we can believe in."

I hope the Republican presidential candidates are paying very close attention. If the administration, which promised to transcend partisanship and usher in a new era of bi-partisan cooperation, is willing to stoop to this level when it comes to governing, what will it do in a campaign when all its power is at risk?

Ron Paul's Liberal Base

The "entrance" polls of Iowa caucus-goers revealed some fascinating information about the people who showed up to support the candidates. For example, a plurality of women supported Rick Santorum, as did those who said they supported the Tea Party movement.

Here's what we learned about the folks who caucused for Ron Paul:

  • They were young. Of the 15% of caucus-goers between the ages of 18 and 29, 48% backed Ron Paul.
  • They were new to politics. Of the 38% of caucus-goers who had never attended a caucus before, 33% backed Ron Paul.
  • They were not necessarily Republicans. Of the 23% of caucus-goers who identified as "independents," 43% backed Ron Paul.
  • They were not conservatives. Of the 17% of caucus-goers who identified as "moderate or liberal," the largest share -- 40% -- backed Ron Paul. For comparison, 35% of those who identified as "very conservative" backed Rick Santorum, while only 15% of "very conservative" caucus-goers backed Ron Paul.
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