Thursday, December 1, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Why Obama Says He MUST Be Reelected

Last night in New York City, Barack Obama, fresh from Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he once again attacked "the rich," held a fundraising dinner for folks who paid $35,800 a plate to hear him speak. (Just think of how many poor people they could have fed if they had donated $35,800 to a local food bank instead of to Obama!)

Obama told this select group, whom he normally might refer to as "fat cats," the number one reason why he needs to be reelected. Is it world peace? Poverty? Racial reconciliation? Ending income inequality? Or creating jobs? Wrong on all counts!

Obama reminded the crowd that ObamaCare will not be fully implemented until 2014. "And so," he said, "we're going to have to implement the Affordable Care Act in 2014 and that means I've got to win in 2012."

Funny, but that is one of the main reasons why he MUST be defeated!

OWS vs. The Tea Party

From the moment the Occupy Wall Street crowd first showed up in Zuccotti Park, Democrats and their liberal media allies were instantly infatuated with the radical movement. OWS was trumpeted as the left's answer to the Tea Party. And while the media were engaging in all kinds of ludicrous comparisons that attempted to romanticize the OWS mobs, the far more revealing contrasts between the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were ignored.

For example, the Tea Party movement, as the name implies, took its inspiration from our nation's founding and has a deep reverence for America's cultural history and heritage. It is genuinely representative of mainstream American values, especially the rule of law and respect for private property.

While Democrats and the media ridiculed the Tea Party as an "extreme" movement, it was Occupy Wall Street -- not the Tea Party -- that was endorsed by both the American Nazi and Communist Parties.

For the moment, big city Democrat mayors are tiring of the OWS extremists. In Los Angeles, the cops moved in just after midnight on Tuesday and arrested nearly 300 people. In their wake, the Occupiers left behind a wasteland. The Los Angeles Times reports that "crews in the hazmat suits" have collected 30 tons of trash and filth. Sure people have a right to protest, but they don't have a right to destroy property and create public health hazards.

The left just makes a mess of everything it does -- whether it's Occupy Wall Street, the labor unions or Barack Obama.

By the way, the Occupy movement has been associated with more than 5,000 arrests! How do you think the media would react if 5,000 Tea Partiers had been arrested?

Egypt Sinking

Last year the world media aimed their collective cameras at one square in Cairo where hundreds of thousands of Egyptians were demanding freedom. Big media commentators assured us that it was a new day in the Middle East. I remember the interviews with little Egyptian girls flashing the "V" sign for victory and telling viewers that with Mubarak gone Egyptian children like them would be able to grow up to be doctors, scientists or even movie stars! Those of us who suggested that crowds in one public square in Cairo do not necessarily represent the heartland of Egypt were brushed aside.

Now Egypt is voting, and early results suggest that in the newly "liberated" nation radical Islam will call the shots. The future for religious minorities, as well as little Egyptian girls, is likely to be bleak.

Preliminary results from the first round of voting shows, not unexpectedly, a strong finish by the Muslim Brotherhood with perhaps as much as 40% of the vote. But the Brotherhood looks progressive when compared to the Salafists who are doing surprisingly well too. The Salafists have been implicated in violent attacks on the Christian minority in Egypt. (Perhaps it is time for another exodus!)

The Salafists follow the Saudi brand of Islam and believe women should not participate in voting or public life. According to some reports, they received as much as 25% of the vote.

Elections will continue for several months, but it appears that the Brotherhood and the Salafists likely have a solid majority and could run the Egyptian Parliament. If so, you will see a less free Egypt that is more hostile to the U.S. and Israel.

Democracy takes more than elections. Most of all it requires an electorate that believes in pluralism, freedom of religion and the dignity and value of all citizens, including women. As of now it appears that electorate does not exist in Egypt.

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