Monday, October 31, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer

Cain In The Crossfire

The "big buzz" today in Washington is the Politico story alleging that Herman Cain sexually harassed two female employees. The allegations date back to the 1990s during his tenure as president of the National Restaurant Association and were settled out of court.

During an interview today with Fox News , Cain acknowledged that he had been falsely accused of sexual harassment, and said the allegations were proven false. Cain categorically denied that he sexually harassed anyone, calling the charges, "totally baseless and totally false." But he left open the possibility that the National Restaurant Association may have settled the cases, saying, "If the restaurant association did a settlement, I wasn't even aware of it and I hope it wasn't for much."

We have repeatedly warned you that this campaign would be among the most vicious in history, driven by the war room attack operation that the Democrat Party and its liberal allies have built in recent years and funded with donations from George Soros. That smear machine can slice and dice any conservative until even their own family members disown them!

It started with Robert Bork. It almost succeeded with Clarence Thomas. They did it to Sarah Palin, and set their attack machine in motion when Michele Bachmann was leading the field. They've done it to Rick Perry -- publishing his college transcripts and turning an inappropriate racial epithet on rock into a major news event that lasted for days. If Perry happens to pull off one of the most surprising political comebacks in recent memory, that story will be resurrected and used to scare black voters to the polls.

Many of you have expressed concerns, which I also share, about the debates. At times they have become so negative that we are actually doing Obama's work for him. I was not happy when the ludicrous story about a rock at Perry's ranch broke and Herman Cain was among the first to jump on it, suggesting that it said something about Perry's views on race. Likewise, I hope Perry and other GOP contenders will hold their fire before they start taking pleasure in these allegations about Herman Cain.

There are plenty of people in the media who want to smear anybody who threatens to disrupt Barack Obama and his plans for America. Remember Journolist? As it turns out, the "journalist" who broke the story on Herman Cain has a history of publishing hit pieces, including one headlined, "Is Rick Perry Dumb?" Maybe that is what it takes to succeed in Washington media circles, but it hardly qualifies as journalism.

My friends, I can't remind you often enough, but there are powerful forces that want you to focus on anything other than what Obama is doing to America. The man in the Oval Office doesn't have a clue how the economy works. His foreign policy is giving the Islamists one victory after another. He is laying the foundation for men to "marry" men. Yet today the media are in a frenzy about unproven decade-old allegations.

The liberal attack machine is desperate to convince you that every conservative is fatally flawed and your only option is four more years of Barack Obama. As I have said before, hope is gone. Fear and smear is all they have left. Don't fall for it.

Normal Marriage Under Assault

Yesterday the Washington Times reported that supporters of same-sex "marriage" were launching a "full-court press" to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and radically redefine marriage in America.

According to the Times, homosexual service members have joined lawsuits seeking to have DOMA declared unconstitutional. Now that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" has been repealed, DOMA is the only thing standing in the way of other benefits such as housing allowances. And while this case is being taken up in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote this week on legislation to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

These lawsuits and the vote this week in the Senate Judiciary Committee are reminders that elections have consequences. Men and women of faith who believe in the sanctity of life, normal marriage and religious liberty cannot sit on the sidelines.

Barack Obama is refusing to defend the laws upholding traditional marriage. He is packing the courts with left-wing activists and has already made two appointments to the Supreme Court. If he gets four more years and one or two more appointments to our highest court, the battle for life and marriage may well be lost.

Occupy The Home

Polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans are pessimistic about the direction of our country.  It would be tempting to link our current malaise to the economy alone.  But it's not just families' finances that are broken.  In many cases, so are the families themselves. You can read more in my latest column at

Schiff Speaks For The 1%

Investor Peter Schiff is a rich man. He is also a very brave man. CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, Schiff dared to go down to the Occupy Wall Street protest and speak for the 1%, the entrepreneurs and business owners who create jobs and pay an extraordinary amount of America's tax bill. In his interviews with protestors, Schiff takes on "too big to fail," student loans, crony capitalism and socialism, all while trying to redirect the protestors' anger from Wall Street to Washington.

If you have not seen his man-on-the-street interviews, they are very illuminating. You can watch them here.


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