Monday, October 1, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Exposing Obama's Assault On Faith

My Super PAC, Campaign for American Values (CAV), has launched another major effort to expose Barack Obama's assault on our cherished values. CAV is running 30 and 60 second ads in Iowa and Ohio on Christian, country and news talk radio stations.

The ads highlight the disgusting reaction of Democrat activists to the inclusion of God in their party platform, as well as Obama's attempt to force religious institutions to violate their core values through Obamacare's contraceptive mandate.

Click here to listen to the ads. Please share this link with friends and family members. Let them know that we are fighting hard to defeat Barack Obama and to defend our values!

A Weekend Of Jihad

Radical Islamists continued slaughtering "infidels" over the weekend. Here's a sample of headlines.

Agence France-Presse: "Christians Flee Egypt Town After Death Threats"

Associated Press: "U.S. Embassy Issues Terror Warning For Americans In Egypt … Threat To Women Engaged In Missionary Activities"

Reuters: "String Of Iraq Blasts Kills At Least 32"

Reuters: "Muslim Protestors Torch Buddhist Temples, Homes In Bangladesh"

Associated Press: "Explosive Attack On Kenya Church Kills Child"

Associated Press: "U.S. Military Deaths In Afghanistan Hit 2,000"

The last headline was the result of yet another "green on blue" attack involving Taliban sympathizers in the Afghan security forces who turned their weapons on our troops. When the tragic milestone of 2,000 deaths was reached in Iraq, the media used the occasion to undermine support for the war effort and George W. Bush.

But the media do not seem very interested in dwelling on the casualties in Afghanistan. That's because the war isn't going well under Barack Obama's direction. According to the site, nearly three quarters of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan have occurred since Obama took office.

Our media and cultural elites insisted four years ago that our troubles in the world were the result of the "cowboy" in the Oval Office -- George Bush. So we elected Barack Obama, who bragged about his Muslim background and introduced himself to a cheering Berlin crowd as a "citizen of the world." That world is now kicking him and us in the head.

Obama has spent his entire presidency reaching out to our enemies. As the headlines show, all it has gotten us is attack after attack. Imagine four more years of this, and imagine if during those four years Iran declares it has a nuclear weapon!

But don't worry. U.S. Muslims held a demonstration last week in Dearborn, Michigan. Surely they were standing with us and against the extremists, right? Sadly, the protest, which reportedly drew at least 1,000 people, was called to demand "deterrent legal measures" against those who defame Islam. In other words, the Michigan protestors were echoing the demands of the extremists to limit our First Amendment rights!

Here's my idea for immigration reform: If you don't believe in the U.S. Constitution, you don't get to come into our "house."

A New Course For The Middle East

Writing in today's Wall Street Journal, Governor Mitt Romney highlights the failures of Barack Obama's foreign policies and argues that in order to guarantee that the 21st Century is another American Century, we must restore America's "economic strength, our military strength and the strength of our values." I couldn't agree more. You can read Governor Romney's editorial here.

Hugo Chavez Endorses Obama Again

Hugo Chavez, the socialist dictator of Venezuela, said this weekend, "…if I was from the United States, I'd vote for Obama." He went on to say, "Obama is a good guy ... I think that if Obama was from Barlovento or some Caracas neighborhood, he'd vote for Chavez."

It's obvious why Hugo Chavez supports Obama and thinks Obama would support him. Chavez certainly knows a fellow socialist when he sees one, and he also knows a weak-kneed American president when he sees one.

More Bizarre Polls

We got another round of bizarre polling data this morning. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll finds Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by just two points, 49% to 47%, among likely voters. Yet, according to this same poll, Obama leads Romney by 11 points in eight critical swing states, including Florida and Ohio. Presumably Obama also has big leads in California and New York. If all these figures were right, the national poll would not show a two-point race.

The latest Politico/George Washington University poll found an identical two-point Obama lead. In this poll, Romney was leading among independent voters by four points.

Now here is some encouraging news. Early reports from Ohio indicate that requests for absentee ballots from Republican voters is up dramatically, while requests by Democrat voters is down significantly.

That said, do you remember our report last week on the Ohio woman who was voting for Obama because she got her "Obama phone"? According to the Dayton Daily News, that program has nearly doubled in the past year and more than one million Ohio residents reportedly now have "Obama phones."

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