Monday, November 7, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Left-wing Thugs Assault Conservatives

Events in the streets of Washington, D.C., on Friday night must be a wakeup call to every decent American. Just a few miles from the White House, "Occupy" thugs physically attacked conservatives attempting to attend a "Defending the American Dream" dinner hosted by the conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

Roving left-wing mobs set up road blocks at key intersections leading to the event and blocked any luxury car that approached. At the event venue, conservative attendees were pushed and shoved, including a 78 year-old woman who had to be hospitalized after she was pushed down steps.

According to the online news outlet The Daily Caller, organizers of the dinner, fearing for the safety of the attendees, called 911 four times to request more police assistance -- and were hung up on. You can watch a video here of some of the scenes, but I must caution you that the language is vile and the images are disturbing.

The left-wing "storm troopers" who assaulted old ladies in our nation's capital Friday night are not a fringe of the Occupy movement. Nearly one-third of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Zuccotti Park told Democrat pollster Douglas Schoen that they supported violence to advance their agenda. Last week, Leo Gerard, president of United Steelworkers union, called for more "militancy" by the Occupy groups. Three days later Occupy Oakland anarchists attacked businesses and trashed the shopping district while the city's left-wing mayor did nothing.

The Occupy movement has been praised by Obama, Biden, Pelosi and other Democrat leaders. Not one of them has said a word about the physical assaults on conservatives this past weekend. The Washington Post ran just one story, focusing on a driver who brushed against demonstrators who jumped in front of his car.

I have warned repeatedly that the elections, which take place one year from today, will be marred by ugly tactics, fraud and worse. Leftist groups are calling for their people to disrupt the Iowa caucuses. Events unfolding in the streets of our cities, including here in D.C., are a disturbing marker of the increasing radicalization and violence of the political left.

Gird yourself for 365 traumatic days ahead. Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or cowed by hoodlums. Now more than ever we must defend our country and our values with our votes and our resources. We did not defeat Hitler's fascists and Soviet Communism only to stand by while homegrown totalitarians take control of our streets.

Bail Outs And Bonuses

Here we go again. They are coming back to Congress with their hands out, demanding billions more for yet another taxpayer bailout. To add insult to injury, their top executives are getting millions in bonus checks.

It's another story tailor made for the Occupy Wall Street movement, but there is silence from Zuccotti Park. We have not heard a peep from Obama, and not one media elite is in high dudgeon. Why not? Because this isn't a story about big banks, but rather about big government.

The government housing behemoths Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have already taken more than $160 billion in taxpayer bailouts. Last week, Freddie Mac announced it needed another $6 billion after it lost more than $4 billion in the last quarter.

Yet, unbelievably, the agencies are paying out $13 million in bonuses to top executives who already make hefty salaries. Some of them will take home seven figure checks for losing billions of your hard-earned tax dollars! Where is the outrage from the left about this abuse of taxpayer resources?

Cain Accuser Comes Forward

A fourth woman has accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure at the National Restaurant Association. However, unlike the other accusers this woman came forward today and held a press conference with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, during which she described Cain's alleged behavior. I won't go into all the sordid details. But by virtue of coming forward with such accusations, it is guaranteed that this woman's history will be as thoroughly vetted as Cain's. Unfortunately for Herman Cain, it means the story isn't going away.

Paul The Pacifist

When it comes to foreign policy, Ron Paul's views are most often defined as "isolationism." But I am convinced Paul at heart is a pacifist. His foreign policy views are dangerously naïve and, in my opinion, disqualify him from consideration to be our next commander-in-chief. Every time he opens his mouth, he sounds like appeaser Neville Chamberlain or the radicals at Code Pink.

Consider this exchange yesterday between Paul and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: Let's turn to Iran, because there is growing fear around the world, and there's going to be a new IAEA -- the U.N. nuclear watchdog -- report this next week that the country is getting closer to a nuclear break out… Would President Paul do anything to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon?

PAUL: Only by a change in foreign policy and treating them differently. …But you are saying they might put a weapon together. See, the worst thing could be an overreaction and go to war over this. …when you put on strong sanctions, those are acts of war because we did that in Iraq for 10 years, and little kids died… So, I would say treat them differently and it'd be less threatening.

WALLACE: When you say treat them differently --

PAUL: Don't put sanctions.

WALLACE: So, how are we going to persuade them not to pursue a nuclear weapon?

PAUL: Well, maybe offering friendship to them. …For them to be a threat to us or to anybody in the region I think is just blown out of proportion. …

Seriously, Ron? Iran is not a threat to us or anyone in the region? Ever heard of Hezbollah? What about the multitude of reports indicating that the IEDs blowing up our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been coming out of Iran?

Paul thinks we can join hands with the mullahs, sing Kumbaya and all will be well. Obama has tried the "kid gloves" approach with Iran, and this week's expected IAEA reports will speak volumes about his success. The world remains a dangerous place, and America desperately needs a leader who has the will to defend freedom from tyranny here and abroad.

And in case there is anyone on this list who still thinks Ron Paul would make a good president, Paul said last week that he opposed the resolution reaffirming "In God We Trust" as our national motto.

A Nation Of Bystanders?

Politically, Americans are more engaged than at any time in at least a generation.  The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements attest to Americans' increasing unwillingness to sit on the political sidelines. But on a personal level, we are becoming a nation of bystanders, less willing than ever to get involved in one another's lives -- even when horrific crimes are taking place. You can read more in my weekly column at

Confronting The Religious Left

I debated Reverend Jim Wallis, head of the Soros-funded group Sojourners, on CNN's State of the Union Sunday. Wallis and Sojourners use the Gospel to sell big government socialism to Christians. In our brief debate, I was able to defend the sanctity of life, knock down Wallis' radical environmental views and make the case that left-wing proposals that destroy jobs are immoral! By the way, Wallis recently said that the Occupy Wall Street crowd reflected the "face" of Jesus.

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