Monday, November 5, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Get Out The Vote!

With just hours before Election Day, almost every national poll shows the race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck and neck. It is the same in virtually every key swing state too. Turnout will be critical.

In these final hours, please make one last effort to contact all your like-minded friends and family members and urge them to vote tomorrow.

Make one more phone call tonight to someone who might be on the fence. Please talk to your adult children and grandchildren. Many young adults were swept up in the hype four years ago. Today they are disappointed with the results. If Obama is reelected, there is no reason to expect the next four years will be any better.

As Carol suggested in her Prayer Alert this morning, offer to take someone to the polls with you. Ask your co-workers tomorrow whether they have voted. Call your church list too. Post a message on Facebook urging friends to vote for Romney/Ryan.

There is too much at stake tomorrow to take anything for granted.

A Request

We will provide periodic reports throughout the day tomorrow letting you know what we are hearing in the nation's capital. I also want to hear from you!

I know many of you have voted early. But if you are going to the polls tomorrow, please take a few minutes to let me know what you saw at your precinct. If you live in a conservative area, how long did you have to wait to cast your ballot? What were the lines like compared to 2008?

Even if you are in a liberal stronghold, I'd still appreciate your reaction. Was the liberal base in your area turning out?

What was the mood like? Was there any chatter about the candidates from the folks in line? Was there a heavy presence by volunteers of either campaign or party?

Your feedback tomorrow will be greatly appreciated, my friends. Send your messages to Thank you!

Obama Wants Revenge?

At a campaign rally in Ohio Friday, Barack Obama told his supporters that "Voting is the best revenge." What a bizarre thing to say! Revenge for what? It's also dangerous advice for Barack Obama to be giving any voter.

If anybody should be voting out of revenge, it should be the millions of Americans who are unemployed because of Obama's policies. It should be the millions of Americans who believed Barack Obama when he said he would transcend partisanship and work to heal racial wounds.

If anybody should be voting out of revenge, it should be the voters who believed Barack Obama in 2008 when he said that marriage was between a man and woman only to betray them four years later. Or Catholic voters who supported Obama in 2008 only to see Obamacare threaten the existence of Catholic hospitals and charities.

If anybody should be voting out of revenge, it should be the American taxpayers who are six trillion dollars more in debt than they were in 2008!

I'm not surprised that Obama thought he could fire up his base with such divisive rhetoric. The American left is an increasingly intolerant and bitter movement.

But folks with our values don't vote with "revenge" as our motive or inspiration. As Mitt Romney said over the weekend in response to Obama's angry message, we vote because we are motivated by love for our country!

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