Monday, November 28, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Thankful For His Luck

Not surprisingly, the theme of President Obama's weekly address last week was Thanksgiving. But to the shock and dismay of many, he failed to mention God even once in his statement to the nation. Twenty seconds into his remarks, Obama said that he and his family will enjoy great food, a little football and reflect "on how truly lucky we are." My first thought was that his good luck also happens to be our bad fortune.

I have no doubt that most Americans expected to hear in a Thanksgiving message from the president a sense of gratitude and thanks for God's blessings. America remains a deeply religious nation. A June Gallup poll found that 92% of Americans believe in God. A 2007 Pew survey found that 69% of Americans think "it is important for a president to have strong religious beliefs."

But Barack Obama seems to have an aversion to public professions of faith. He has gone out of his way to insist that America is not a Christian nation, to say we are one of the largest Muslim nations and to include references to "non-believers" in his speeches. Several months ago, he took a lot of heat for quoting the Declaration of Independence and repeatedly dropping the reference to God each time. Whatever the explanation for this disconnect, if not hostility to faith, it is astonishing that the political geniuses at the White House are so tone deaf to the signal Obama sends every time he gives God the cold shoulder.

Obama Writes Off Reagan Democrats

We have been saying for months that Barack Obama has abandoned the traditional middle class. Now the left's "paper of record" -- the New York Times -- admits it. In analyzing Obama's path to reelection next year, Thomas Edsall writes, "…preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class."

In other words, Obama is writing off the Reagan Democrats -- those folks in Middle America who he claimed "bitterly cling to their guns and religion." His reelection strategy will hinge on expanding his 2008 base of well-educated, upper-class whites and minority voters. Edsall notes this strategy "proved highly successful twice (2006 and 2008) but failed miserably in 2010, and appears to have a 50-50 chance in 2012."

What might this strategy look like? It could mean that Democrats are prepared to give up once-reliable blue states like Michigan and Wisconsin, while redoubling their efforts in "purple" states like Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia.

Regardless of the strategy Obama pursues, the results of the past three years are obvious: Obama's presidency has been a failure. Since his inauguration, the unemployment rate has gone up, gas prices have gone up, food prices have gone up and the national debt has exploded. Overwhelming majorities believe America is on the wrong track and is a nation in decline. Millions of our fellow countrymen are losing hope.

Obama has had his chance. We can't afford four more years of more of the same. It's time for a change.

Speaking of change, Barney Frank, a thorn in the side of conservatives for years, announced today that he won't run for reelection in 2012. That makes Frank the 17th House Democrat to announce his retirement this year.

While Democrats and their liberal media allies keep speculating about Obama's coattails making Nancy Pelosi Speaker again, Frank's retirement and those of his liberal colleagues suggest they don't believe the spin. Ideologues like Frank would not be voluntarily leaving Congress if they thought they were on the verge of another two years to cram their socialist, anti-family agenda down our throats.

Newt's Big Endorsement

Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign got a big boost yesterday, picking up the endorsement of New Hampshire's largest newspaper, the Union Leader. You can read the paper's endorsement here.

Ironically, the Union Leader's endorsement could have a greater impact in Iowa than in New Hampshire. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, has a huge, perhaps insurmountable, lead in New Hampshire, making the Iowa caucuses all the more important. There is a movement among Iowa conservative leaders to unify behind one candidate who can be a credible alternative to Mitt Romney. The Union Leader's nod might persuade some Iowa conservatives that Gingrich has the momentum to take on Mitt.

A Bitter Harvest

Egyptians went to the polls today for the first in a series of elections that will determine the future of post-Mubarak Egypt. It is widely expected that the radical Muslim Brotherhood will prevail in today's balloting. If so, we should expect conditions in Egypt and the Middle East to deteriorate.

Why do I say that? According to one report, thousands of Egyptians attended a Muslim Brotherhood rally Friday at "Cairo's most prominent mosque," where multiple speaker denounced the "treacherous Jews" and "Zionists occupiers." A verse from the Koran that "one day we shall kill all the Jews" was repeated by speaker after speaker.

Once again the radical Islamists' denial of reality was on full display. One cleric told the crowd, "We shall not allow the Zionists to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem)." The first fruits of the "Arab Spring" are proving to be a bitter harvest indeed.

Super Committee Represents America

In the aftermath of its failure, just about everybody seems to agree that the congressional deficit reduction super committee's demise resulted from both parties' unwillingness to put the country's interests ahead of their own. But the deep divisions that made the Super Committee's task hopeless from the start merely reflect the deep divisions in the country. In 2012, the American people must decide which side will prevail. Read more in my weekly Human Events column.

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