Monday, November 21, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Happy Baracksgiving

When Americans get together Thursday, they will give thanks to God for the many blessings in their lives. Yet we have a president who seems to think we should be thanking him!

Check out our latest video here. Obama has been a disaster! Unemployment is up. The national debt is up. Gas prices are up. The list goes on.

Please show this video to your friends and family members this Thanksgiving. Share it with others online. Tweet it. Post it to your Facebook page. The numbers don't lie. America can't afford four more years of Barack Obama.

My friends, we will take advantage of every opportunity we can to defeat Obama and his socialist allies -- from traditional media like radio and TV ads to social media like Facebook and Twitter. We'll even use good old fashioned direct mail. And we are counting on your help -- not just financially but also in spreading the word about our work. Our previous video has been viewed nearly 90,000 times. Working together we can take America back!

Super Failure?

The congressional deficit reduction super committee is rapidly running out of time to negotiate a deal, and press reports suggest there likely won't be one. Already there is a growing chorus of talking heads saying how sick and tired they are of Washington, how our leaders just can't do anything anymore, how our system is broken. I often see this same sentiment in the emails I get every day.

Sorry, but I dissent. In my view, the failure of the super committee to reach common ground reflects the growing divide in America today.

If you are reading these daily reports, you believe in lower taxes, smaller government and traditional values. If you start your day off at the Daily Kos or at an "Occupy" rally, then you probably believe in higher taxes, bigger government and liberal values. If you put six "End of Day" readers and six Daily Kos readers in a room, it's unlikely either side would budge on core principles.

It's the same with the super committee. Democrats believe the problem in Washington is a lack of revenue. Republicans believe the problem is too much spending. This is what we have elections for, but gridlock occurs when there is divided government. If Obama and his allies win in 2012, they are promising to raise your taxes to pay for all their spending.

What Does OWS Want?

Since the protests began, we've been asking, "What is the Occupy Wall Street agenda?" This weekend, the editors of Adbusters magazine, which is credited with starting the movement, published an op-ed in the Washington Post explaining what OWS is all about. So, what is their agenda? Here it is:

"This primal cry for democracy sprang from young people who could no longer ignore the angst in their gut -- the premonition that their future does not compute, that their entire lives will be lived in the apocalyptic shadow of climate-change tipping points, species die-offs, a deadening commercialized culture, a political system perverted by money, precarious employment, a struggle to pay off crippling student loans, and no chance of ever owning a home or living in comfort like their parents."

So this is what the left has produced. Environmental alarmism has some folks convinced we're on the verge of mass extinction and that our lifestyle is to blame for global warming. How do they explain the fact that the planet was hotter before we had SUVs? How do they explain the warming that has been detected on Mars?

They complain about a political system "perverted by money," but say nothing of union money or George Soros' money. They complain about high unemployment, but do they question the role of big government? No. Sadly, they go on to rail against corporations and job creators.

And exactly who forced them to take out those "crippling student loans"? As for owning a home and living in comfort like their parents, they should learn from their parents, most of whom worked very hard and saved up a long time to buy a home they could afford.

Some on the right have said, "Don't worry. The occupiers will be gone with the first frost." The editors of Adbusters are promising otherwise. Here's how they put it:

"The people's assemblies will continue with or without winter encampments. What will be new is the marked escalation of … rush-hour flash mobs, bank occupations, 'occupy squads' and edgy theatrics. …In this visceral, canny, militantly nonviolent phase of our march to real democracy, we will 'float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.' We will regroup, lick our wounds, brainstorm and network all winter. We will build momentum for a full-spectrum counterattack when the crocuses bloom next spring."

In other words, they are promising to be more disruptive, making life miserable for even more people. They plan to come back in full-force in the middle of one of the most vicious political campaigns in our history. This is a witch's brew. The Obama reelection effort by itself will bring emotions to the boiling point because Axelrod & Co. have already indicated they are going to run a "slash and burn" campaign.

America is deeply divided. Our nation is at a tipping point. Will we follow Europe down socialism's dead-end road and into bankruptcy? Or will we once again embrace the values that made America the envy of the world? This coming election will likely decide the direction we take. That is why it is so crucial for every conservative to be fully engaged in the weeks and months ahead.

My Friend Ed Meese

Over the weekend, I re-read Friday's report and felt I should revisit the item on Attorney General Eric Holder. In that item I referenced my good friend Ed Meese, who served as Ronald Reagan's Attorney General. In no way was I comparing Meese to Holder, who I believe has done some deeply questionable things. From Fast and Furious to refusing to prosecute the New Black Panthers to attacking state efforts to secure our borders, Holder is a political hack.

In contrast, Ed Meese was a constitutional scholar and the conscience of the Reagan Administration. He popularized the concept of original intent in jurisprudence and is among the most ethical and honorable men I know. He was attacked by the left because he was such an effective advocate for our values.

Ronald Reagan once said, "If Ed Meese is not a good man, there are no good men." I agree. And I am proud to call Ed a friend.

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