Monday, January 30, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Santorum And The Sanctity Of Life

No doubt you have heard by now that Senator Rick Santorum's youngest daughter, Bella, fell ill over the weekend and Sen. Santorum returned home to take care of her. Bella has a genetic disorder known as Trisomy 18. Only about 10% of children who have this disorder survive their first year. Once diagnosed, most women are encouraged to have an abortion. Mrs. Santorum refused to do so and Bella is now 3 years old. You can imagine the challenges they face.

In a personal conversation with Mrs. Santorum, she made it clear that her family does not see Bella as a burden, but a blessing. Sen. Santorum has often spoken about how Bella "makes us better," how she is not the "disabled one," but how the rest of us can learn from her unconditional love.

This weekend, Bella was diagnosed with pneumonia, and, not surprisingly, Sen. Santorum cancelled several events and rushed home. Children with her condition can be killed by colds. Thankfully, she is experiencing what Santorum called a "miraculous recovery" and could be out of the hospital in the next few days.

Rick Santorum is running third in the Florida polls, but a recent Gallup poll found that he has the highest overall approval rating of all the candidates. Whatever happens in this campaign, Rick and Karen Santorum have done much to advance the cause of life, and I am thankful for their example. I know you will join me in praying for Bella's continued recovery.

The Culture War Continues

The economy has dominated the headlines, but the radical secularists have not stopped their assault against our values. Last week, a Rhode Island high school was ordered to remove a prayer that has hung in the school since 1963. According to a federal judge, the prayer "violated the principle of government neutrality in religion." Read the banned prayer that is so "harmful" to our students.

Sadly, too many judges today are deeply confused about the meaning of the First Amendment. It guarantees the freedom of religion, so that all may flourish free from government interference, not a freedom from religion. But the First Amendment has been so twisted now that left-wing judges routinely use it to force our schools to be "faith free" zones.

For example, religious liberty and free speech rights are under fire in Wisconsin after a student-run school newspaper published pro and con editorials on the subject of homosexual adoption. A Christian student wrote the editorial opposing homosexual adoption and cited the Scriptures as one reason to oppose it. His editorial resulted in a formal complaint being filed against the school district by a gay parent.

The school quickly issued an apology for the "offensive" letter. According to the Christian Post, Superintendent Todd Carlson said that the article did not follow school policies, and "the 15-year-old's opinion piece constituted 'bullying.'" The student was reportedly threatened with suspension and banned from writing on topics related to "religion, politics, or social issues."

But by punishing this student for expressing his Christian faith, school officials are hardly being neutral. Instead, they are using government force to express their hostility toward faith and free speech.

In Maryland, Democrat Governor Martin O'Malley is doing damage control after his wife, a Baltimore judge, referred to opponents of same-sex marriage as "cowards." An attempt to legalize same-sex marriage last year was defeated in the Democrat-dominated state after a revolt by black pastors who objected to a radical redefinition of marriage and the left's frequent comparison of homosexual rights to civil rights.

Let me repeat: The culture war is very real. While some on the right mistakenly call for a "truce" on values issues, the left has no intention of letting up until it has fundamentally transformed America on every level -- from taxes and spending to the values we will pass on to our children and grandchildren. This election will decide whether we stop this assault on family, faith and freedom or whether we continue "slouching toward Gomorrah."

Occupy Movement Gets Ugly -- Again

Members of Occupy Oakland are on the march again. Over the weekend they vandalized Oakland's historic City Hall. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Occupiers "broke into the building, smashed display cases, cut electrical wires and burned an American flag."

The report also notes that the protestors are becoming far more aggressive with the police and carrying "elaborate" shields, "6 feet by 4 feet and built from corrugated metal on wood panels, complete with multiple handles." More than 400 people were arrested, adding to the Occupy movement's already extensive rap sheet.

Here is a video of Occupiers burning the American flag. Note the anti-Semitic "pledge" being recited as the flag goes up in flames. Unfortunately, this is just a warm up act.

The left-wing Canadian magazine Adbusters, which is credited with launching the Occupy movement, is calling for 50,000 radicals to descend on Chicago May 1st, "in the tradition of Chicago 8." This is a reference to the Chicago riots that broke out during the 1968 Democrat National Convention.

Steel yourselves. Democrat pollsters have warned that the Occupy movement is unstable and potentially violent. Now the left is using images of violence in its appeals for support. They have big plans to turn 2012 into a year of riots and left-wing radicalism, and some folks, like George Soros, seem "almost gleeful" by the prospect.

U.S. Tax Dollars Promoting Anti-Israel Bigotry

Kudos to Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ).

Last week, Rep. Smith chaired a hearing that exposed the anti-Israel and anti-American bigotry contained in many textbooks used to teach Palestinian children in U.N. refugee camps. For example, a geography lesson for second graders features a map of the Middle East, but Israel is not included. A reading assignment for ninth graders asks students to explain this bit of poetry: "The morning of glory and red liberty watered by the martyrs' blood … the hope for the Liberation of Palestine." There is much more and worse.

The level of hatred and bigotry contained in these textbooks is bad enough. But, unbelievably, American taxpayers are helping to pay for these books by subsidizing the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA). In 2010, the UNRWA got nearly $230 million from American taxpayers. Rep. Smith wants to limit UNRWA funding until the textbooks are purged of such hate.

Rep. Smith said, "We are responsible for the content and the content has been, year in and year out, explosively anti-Semitic, anti-American and anti-Israeli. …If you teach kids to hate when they're very, very young and just keep feeding them that kind of formula for violence, why are we surprised when they strap on dynamite and other kinds of explosives to kill themselves and think they're doing a good thing?"

My friends, do not fall victim to the misguided thinking that suggests if only we abandoned Israel, the radical Islamists would leave us alone. There is a reason the mullahs in Iran refer to America, not Israel, as "the Great Satan." Radical Islam is at war with all of Judeo-Christian civilization, and Israel is just one front in that war. Hatred for Israel is also hatred for America.


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