Friday, May 12, 2017 -- Media Malfeasance, The Resistance

Media Malfeasance

The media frenzy over FBI Director James Comey's firing continues. Left-wing reporters have devoted incredible amounts of time and energy to figuring out exactly when President Trump decided to fire Comey and whether his surrogates described every detail with precise accuracy.

The timing is a tempest in a teapot. No matter what day Trump decided to fire Comey, the "resistance" (as the left likes to call itself) would have, well, resisted. As the president explained in his interview with Lester Holt, there was no good time to dismiss Comey.

But since the media are demanding 100% accuracy from the White House about every jot and tittle, let's consider the accuracy of three major stories that have been repeated ad nauseam over the past 24 hours.

·  There was widespread reporting by the Washington Post, the New York Times and other leading outlets insinuating that Comey was fired because the Russia investigation was on the cusp of a breakthrough and he had requested more resources to get it over the finish line.

Presumably, the professionals at the Washington Post would know that if a cabinet agency needs more money it first takes such a request to the appropriate cabinet secretary. In the case of the FBI, that would be the attorney general who leads the Department of Justice. But a Justice spokeswoman called the resources report "totally false."

As we noted yesterday, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified under oath that the FBI had "adequate resources."

·  Part and parcel with the resources story is the much-hyped claim by the "resistance" that the Trump White House is interfering with the Russia investigation. McCabe busted that myth too, telling senators, "There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date."

Keep in mind, friends, that McCabe's family is very active in Democratic politics, and he just punctured two of the left's biggest lies.

·  You may have also heard yesterday that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who wrote the memo making the case for Comey's dismissal, was furious with the White House and threatened to resign. Again, it's fake news. Rosenstein told reporters yesterday, "No, I'm not quitting" and he denied threatening to do so.

For the past 48 hours, the media have relentlessly attempted to transform Donald Trump into Richard Nixon. And because of the media's malfeasance, millions of Americans were led to believe yesterday that their president feared the FBI was getting close to something, that he was meddling in the investigation and that top officials were furious with the president and threatening to expose him.

It was all fake news.

Who is holding the Washington Post accountable for its lies?

Are any of these so-called "journalists" calling out their "sources" for planting false stories and making them look like idiots?

And exactly who are these "sources"? Bill Clinton? James Carville?

Will the New York Times fire any of its reporters?

Will any media outlet issue an apology to President Trump or the American people?

There is collusion going on, my friends. But it's not between Trump and the Russians. It's between Obama operatives embedded within the deep state, the Democrat "resistance" and big media all colluding to overturn the election of Donald Trump.

Why The Resistance?

It is interesting that the left has decided to call itself "the Resistance." The phrase was popularized in the 1940s by the men and women who fought against the Nazis in occupied Europe.

Get it? We are now living in "occupied America" and conservatives who support Trump are akin to Nazis. What did the resistance do? It blew things up and that is what the left is trying to do now -- blow up the election and, in the process, the country.

The resistance is also waging a cultural war against everything that half of America believes in. The battles are raging in small towns all across America.

For example, a lacrosse team in New York ran out on the field recently carrying an American flag to rather unique theme music -- a speech from President Trump, saying:

"In all of our cities and all of our towns, I make this promise. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again. . . God bless you, and good night. I love you."

I really have no idea what could possibly be wrong with that, but for whatever reason, the coach apologized.

A North Carolina high school is confiscating all year books after it found an offensive senior quote. Presumably it had to be really bad and full of profanity to deny an entire school their yearbooks. Alas, no. The offensive phrase was "Build that wall."

It is impossible for men and women of faith to watch TV without everything they believe in being mocked by the left. From "Modern Family" to "Transparent," there is plenty of left-wing propaganda.

But the one sitcom that provided a real alternative point of view -- appropriately titled "Last Man Standing" -- has been cancelled. The Resistance can't tolerate anything that does not conform to its politically correct dogma.

My friends, we did not dodge a bullet on Election Day. We dodged a thermonuclear bomb. From open borders to the persecution of the Little Sisters of the Poor, the left and its media allies were so close to finishing the fundamental transformation of America.

To their horror, Donald Trump and Mike Pence defeated Hillary Clinton. Now the left is out for revenge. It means to destroy them.

Every conservative voter needs to understand that. Every Republican in the House and Senate needs to understand exactly what is at stake.

Thankfully, we have a president who is willing to fight back! We must stand with him because we may not get a second chance to defend faith, family and freedom.

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