Friday, January 6, 2012

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Obama Targets Defense

While the nation is struggling with record debt, Barack Obama finally found a government agency he wants to slash -- the Pentagon. Yesterday Obama unveiled plans to cut $500 billion from the Defense budget. In his remarks at the Pentagon, Obama said he was "turning the page on a decade of war." He could also be inviting a new decade of aggression.

Obama plans to abandon America's long-standing policy of being able to fight two major conflicts at once. His cuts will take us back to a pre-9/11 military, just as Iran is ramping up its nuclear weapons program, as the rotten fruit of radical Islam spreads from last year's Arab Spring and as China continues its massive military buildup.

But as the editors of National Review noted:

"At its Cold War peak, U.S. military strategy called for the peacetime ability to simultaneously fight and win two major theater wars and a 'brushfire' conflict. The years after the Soviet collapse saw that capability pared down in the name of the 'peace dividend,' just in time for the 9/11 decade to deliver . . . two major theater wars and a series of 'brushfire' conflicts, from counterterror ops in Yemen to air support in Libya, that stretched our forces thin even as we increased them."

Every time Republicans try to cut bloated social programs and income redistribution programs, Obama and the media immediately counter that they are going to kill jobs. (Top administration officials and leading Democrats have even tried to convince us that unemployment insurance actually creates jobs!) But then Obama goes to the Pentagon and announces massive cuts that will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In fact, earlier this week Boeing announced 2,000 layoffs at a Kansas plant due to Defense cuts announced last year. According to Boeing there just wasn't enough work to keep the plant open. Conservative politicians who were upset at Boeing should have directed their anger at Obama.

Government spending is about picking priorities, and the first obligation of government is the defense of this nation. But liberals always see the defense budget as the first thing to cut. The first priority of every conservative must be defeating Barack Obama in 305 days.

Ron Paul: No Reagan Republican

I've made no mystery of my disdain for Ron Paul's destructive foreign policy views. They are the exact opposite of Ronald Reagan's. As I have already mentioned, Obama has made a proposal that would deeply hurt America's national defense, and I have no desire to see both parties committed to weakening America internationally.

That's why I have joined with the Emergency Committee for Israel to produce an ad that urges Republican voters to reject Ron Paul's isolationism and conspiratorial approach to foreign policy. You can view the ad here.

The Persecuted Church

Religious persecution around the world continues to quicken. Radical Muslims burst into a Nigerian church and murdered several worshippers yesterday. Today nearly two dozen more Nigerian Christians were murdered. These attacks follow on the heels of the Christmas day bombing of a Catholic church that killed more than 40 people.

Not surprisingly, Nigeria ranks high on a list of nations where religious persecution is prevalent. North Korea tops the list of the world's worst violators of religious freedom. But, according to, "Islamic states dominate the rankings, accounting for nine of the top ten and 38 of the full 50-country list."

There are major differences between America, Israel and other western nations built on religious tolerance and Islamic countries built on the Koran. As we have seen from the shocking headlines out of Egypt and Saudi Arabia recently, women and religious minorities are rarely treated fairly in the "Muslim world." When our Founding Fathers declared that all men are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, they were clearly referring to the God of Abraham, not the god of the Koran.

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