Friday, December 16, 2011

To: Friends & Supporters

From: Gary L. Bauer


Iowa Debate

The Iowa debate last night proved once again that almost any of the GOP candidates would be a substantially better President than Barack Obama. I said “almost any” because once again Ron Paul proved himself to be a buffoon or appeaser, pick your poison, when it comes to America’s foreign policy in a world becoming more dangerous every second Barack Obama is in office. I can hear some of the Paulites hyperventilating now. Let’s look at Obama’s approach to Iran. Obama took office in 2009 and immediately launched a new policy of “engagement” with Iran. He sent Ahmadinejad sweet little notes about our intentions. He begged for negotiations. He apologized for our various imagined wrongs of Iran over the years. He did his best to ignore the popular uprising against the Iranian mullah.

Iran took each of those initiatives as evidence of American weakness. Obama’s open hand was met by Ahmadinejad’s closed fist. U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan were killed with bombs made in Iran. The more Obama groveled the bolder Iran has become, even plotting terrorist attacks right here in Washington, D.C., and mocking Obama for requesting that Iran return a U.S. drone.

Every Republican in last night’s debate except Ron Paul understands the growing danger and Obama’s role in failing to counter the Iranian threat. Paul made it clear last night that he is to the left of Obama. To Paul, Obama hasn’t appeased enough! In fact, Paul, for the second time, presented Iran as the aggrieved party in the conflict, surrounded by America and fearing our war-like intentions. Paul’s arguments perfectly followed Iranian propaganda talking points. He wrapped up his argument by asserting that the greatest danger we face is “overreacting” to an Iranian threat that be believes does not exist.

The other GOP contenders looked stunned. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum both admirably confronted Paul’s channeling of Neville Chamberlain. But nothing they said could deter Paul’s conviction that if only America withdrew from the world, peace would breakout all over.

Ron Paul may very well win the Iowa caucuses. The further left he goes on national security, the more support he picks up on Iowa’s university campuses. If he does win he should celebrate immediately since other wins would be unlikely to follow. Ron Paul is far outside the consensus of the conservative movement and the Republican Party. He is clueless on radical Islam, and his notion of a “Fortress America” would guarantee that America would eventually face our enemies alone.  

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