Friday, August 4, 2017 -- Mueller Goes Nuclear, Trump's Terrific Speech, Plugging Leaks, Making Progress

Mueller Goes Nuclear

News broke late yesterday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington, D.C. Subpoenas related to last year's meeting at Trump Tower between Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer have reportedly been issued.

Grand jury investigations are supposed to be secret, so this news was obviously leaked by someone on Mueller's staff or in the Justice Department in order to damage the president.

The president's legal team says this is simply part of the normal process and in no way suggests that the president is under investigation.

Here's my take: Half of the lawyers on Mueller's team are Democrat donors. His grand jury sits in Washington, D.C., a city that voted 91% for Hillary Clinton on Election Day. This is the jury that is now going to sit in judgment of President Trump and his family.

What's not to like? [SARCASM ALERT!]

Trump's Terrific Speech

President Trump shrugged off the latest development in the Russia investigation and delivered a terrific speech last night in Huntington, West Virginia. He had two great themes in his remarks. The first was a tremendous pro-American vision. The second was an aggressive indictment of the left for its lack of a serious agenda.

The president began with a bold defense of our American values, saying:

"The change you voted for is happening every single day. Everyone in this great arena is united by shared values. We believe in God. We believe in family. We believe in country.

"We support the Constitution of the United States of America. We cherish and defend the Second Amendment. We believe schools should teach students to love our country, to have pride in our history and to respect our great American flag.

"We stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. Thank you! We believe strongly that a nation must defend and protect its borders. And above all else, we believe that we must take care of our own citizens and put America first!"

Watch it here.

About the left, Trump said this:

"The reason why Democrats only talk about the totally made up Russia story is because they have no message, no agenda and no vision. They don't talk about the all-time-high stock market. They don't talk about reforms to the VA or about manufacturing jobs we're bringing back to America. . . They don't talk about the Keystone pipeline . . . or the Dakota Access pipeline.

"The Russia story is a total fabrication. It is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics. . . What the prosecutor should be looking at are Hillary Clinton's 33,000 deleted e-mails. . .

"We didn't win because of Russia. We won because of you. . . We won because millions of patriotic Americans voted to take back their country. . .

"They are trying to cheat you out of the future that you want. They are trying to cheat you out of the leadership that you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and, most importantly, demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution."

President Trump is absolutely right.

Help us fight back!

Elite Disdain

While West Virginians were cheering, the Washington swamp was reacting. If you needed another example of the elite's disdain for Main Street, you got it last night around 7:50.

As President Trump was making the case for the RAISE Act, an immigration reform plan that requires new immigrants to speak English and be financially self-sufficient, Stuart Rothenberg tweeted this: "Lots of people in West Virginia can't support themselves or speak English."

Rothenberg is a highly respected member of Washington's political elite. But his condescending tweet demonstrated just how little respect D.C.'s political class has for millions of hard working Americans.

Another Victory

There was a major announcement during last night's rally. The GOP won another "special election" -- one we didn't realize was taking place in the mind of West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (D). The governor told the audience:

"Let me just say this to you as bluntly as I can say it. . . the Democrats walked away from me. . . Today I tell you as West Virginians, I can't help you anymore being a Democrat governor. So tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican."

With this party switch, Republicans now have complete control of 26 states, while Democrats control only six.

Plugging Leaks

Yet another disturbing leak appeared yesterday courtesy of the Washington Post. Somehow the left-wing media outlet got its hands on the full transcripts of President Trump's phone calls with two foreign leaders. Rather than consider the implications for national security and foreign policy, the Post published the transcripts.

Whatever the Washington Post thinks of Donald Trump, publishing those transcripts was an utter betrayal of the presidency. No president should fear that his private conversations with foreign leaders will end up on the front page.

But perhaps the Post did us a favor. This leak elicited outrage across the political spectrum.

This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats held a joint press conference. They announced that the administration has tripled the number of probes intended to end "the culture of leaks." Four individuals have been charged, and Sessions warned that reporters may be subpoenaed as these investigations go forward.

Speaking on Fox & Friends this morning, Kellyanne Conway said that lie detector tests may be used to vet White House aides. My advice: Do it now!

Making Progress

Last night, before they left town for the August recess, senators confirmed nearly 70 of President Trump's nominees.

Some of the confirmations involved ambassadorial appointments, which do not directly impact the battles here in Washington. But many were for sub-Cabinet level posts, meaning the president is finally starting to get the people he needs to rein in the bureaucracy.

I am also pleased to report that more progress is being made in moving the president's judicial nominees as well.


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