Friday, August 18, 2017 -- Barcelona Bloodbath, The American Taliban

Barcelona Bloodbath

Once again, the world is being subjected to images of dead and dying people on the streets of Europe. Yet another vicious attack has been carried out by a committed enemy. Fourteen people in Barcelona, Spain, were killed and more than 100 were injured when jihadists turned vehicles into weapons of mass destruction. (As I write, there are breaking reports of a massive fire at the Barcelona airport.)

In spite of Western leaders who insist it has nothing to do with Islam, this enemy believes with all its heart and soul that Allah is pleased every time it beheads, blows up or runs down an infidel.

This morning we were also being treated to other images we have seen before: Citizens of the nation under attack standing in a public square observing "a moment of silence." They stand by silently because they lack the courage to pray to our God for victory over this barbaric enemy.

There will be flowers. There will be singing. There will be everything other than actual policies that could help the West survive.

If anybody in Europe today says, "We need to stop the Islamization of our continent," media elites will denounce them as a bigot.

If President Trump says, "This is why we need extreme vetting," there will be "social justice warriors" and politicians shouting, "Fascism!"

Incredibly, our media and political elites and the "social justice warriors" are not yelling at the real fascists who are killing innocent people and seeking a second Holocaust. No, their outrage is reserved for the populist conservatives who are desperately trying to bring Western Civilization back to its senses.

Many commentators reflecting on the scene in Spain this morning said, "Look at the crowd in that plaza. The people of Spain are saying, 'This won't change the way we live.'"

Well, that is the problem. We're telling the enemy that we won't change, that we won't do what is necessary to defeat them.

We will continue shopping. We will continue going to the movies. We will continue pretending that this terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. And the Islamic supremacists will continue to kill us.

One of the arguments open borders advocates frequently make is this: "Most Muslims are not terrorists." Fair enough and obviously true.

But do they really not understand that as Muslim communities grow in the West, they provide a "sea" the jihadists can "swim" in as they plot their murderous attacks?

After each security failure, the experts tell us that trying to find the jihadi is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Maybe so. But can't we at least stop bringing in more haystacks?

Consider this: We already told you about the Davis, California, imam who prayed last month that Allah would "annihilate" the Jews. Well, there is another radical imam preaching in Riverside, California.

He prayed that Allah would "liberate" Israel from "unjust tyrants and the occupiers" and that Allah would turn the Muslims' enemies into slaves. This is the same mosque that 2015 San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook attended. It seems like nothing has changed.

In many cases, it's not hard to find the needle in the haystack. As we have pointed out many times before, these attackers often are not lone wolves, but "known wolves."

But progressives willing to shut down the speech of those on the right suddenly get all "constitutional" on us when it comes to protecting the speech of Islamic supremacists.

The American Taliban

President Trump is often ahead of the curve when it comes to various cultural issues. Yesterday morning and during his ill-advised press conference, the president said, "First it's Robert E. Lee. Then it's George Washington and Thomas Jefferson."

He's right. In spite of their contributions to our founding, Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, and there are growing calls for monuments to both men to be destroyed. But this was one of the times when Donald Trump was behind the curve.

He left out Abraham Lincoln, a bust of whom was destroyed in Chicago last night. It was also spray painted with the words "F-ck law." The same phrase was painted on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., earlier this week. This is the hate-filled anarchy the left has unleashed.

Earlier this week, we shared a Vice video that captured the imagery of the Neo-Nazis who marched in the Charlottesville horror show. Vice might want to look in the mirror because it has come down on the side of the book burners and their equivalent.

Yesterday, Vice ran a story originally entitled, "Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore." It eventually apologized and retitled the story, but the headline was the least of the problem.

In the column, senior editor Wilbert Cooper makes it clear that America is evil and must be torn down and rebuilt. And that cannot be done unless we knock down the evil foundation of America. Consider these excerpts:

"It's hard to be critical of a system when that system becomes an article of faith, filled with myths (the cherry tree), deities (Founding Fathers), and notions of salvation (the City on a Hill). It's going to be impossible to improve America if we can't be honest about its origins and its past. . . it seems unthinkable that we will ever see a day when there is a serious push to blow up Rushmore and other monuments like it. But if that moment ever arrives, I suspect I'd be onboard."

So until monuments to the men who crafted the greatest constitutional republic in the world are destroyed, and until the concept of American exceptionalism is destroyed, Cooper and other members of the American Taliban will continue to press their attacks on America and the West.

There are deep divisions within the GOP and the conservative movement regarding Donald Trump. But by all measurements, the grassroots remains overwhelmingly on his side.

To my fellow conservatives and "#NeverTrumpers" in our movement: Can you direct some of your energy used to bash Trump and start calling out the leftists whose stated goal is to completely destroy America and who are telling our children and grandchildren that they are living in an evil country?

For those liberals who are legitimately concerned about Putin and Russia: It is time to start asking why members of various radical communist groups are leading the mobs we have seen in places like Durham, North Carolina.

To Senator John McCain: Did I miss your speech condemning the radical leftists who are trying to destroy the country you defended in Vietnam? You do remember, I assume, that the mobs today attacking American memorials are cut from the same cloth as the people who spat on you and the brave men who served with you in Vietnam.

If Donald Trump is for making American great again, does that really mean that everyone who doesn't care for him must be non-combatants in the culture war to destroy America?

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